Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Summer Race

The Jordan family is having our own race this summer!

We are trying to see who's sunflower can grow the tallest!!! The children and I worked hard on Saturday cleaning out flower beds and transplanting flowers. Then, we decided to have some fun! We each planted a couple of sunflower seeds and marked them. We have been watering them, and I'm happy to say that there are already signs of growth. Ahem...well...some of the family's seeds are growing. Can you tell who's isn't? Here are pictures from Saturday, then Wednesday. I know it's kinda of hard to tell because of the weeds.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bee Study

Recently we borrowed "Bee Movie" (the one Jerry Seinfeld made) from the library and really enjoyed it. It sparked lots of questions about bees, so we decided to study about the different types of bees. We checked out lots of books and an informative DVD from the library. Here is a "bulletin board" we made in our dining room. Please excuse the flowery wallpaper..then again...bees love flowers :0) Nehemiah and Hadassah made the 3-D beehives; Hadassah, Deborah, and Barnabas made the paper bees (of course, the girls made the sparkly ones); Nehemiah and Mordecai wrote facts on paper that they learned. Barnabas and Jeremiah enjoyed the DVD and looking at the books. They also loved it when we acted like bees looking for nectar!(we would chase them) I took several pictures so you can click on them and make them larger to see the details. We learned quite a bit about busy bees, and enjoyed making our own bees and bee hives. I was just as fascinated by some of the interesting things we learned! Such fun! The great thing with this study was that all the children were a part of it. And, we did this for free! We didn't have to purchase any curriculum at all. :-) Oh, and we ate Honeycomb cereal for a snack!!! We also made the cells of a honeycomb inside a shoebox, but I forgot to take a picture of it. Maybe I will later.