Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Books, books, and more books! Part 2

Remember this post? Here is Part 2:

by: Nehemiah

In the Jordan household we are still reading more and more books. Our lists are so full that we had to get new pages. Like I did last time, I will list my three favorite books or series of books. here we go:

My favorite series of books (so far) is the Left Behind . This is the younger version of those Left Behind in the end times. Judd, Vicki, Ryan, and Lionel are the main characters in the book series. The Christians in the book can tell what will happen next by studying the book of Revelation that is in the end of the Bible. These kids try to stay alive through the seven year tribulation. This is a very exciting book series!

Book 2 is called Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing. This book is about a fourth grader that has (what he thinks is the biggest problem ever) a younger brother named Fudge! The fourth grader's name is Peter. The grown-ups think Fudge is an angel. When Fudge broke his two front teeth trying to fly. Decides that he wants to be a dog and even swallows a turtle! This is a funny book. Both my Mom and Dad read this when they were little!

Book 3 is Wayside school gets a little stranger. For 285 days, Wayside school has been under construction. Now it is opened up! Wayside school is a thirty story building with one classroom each story. But there is no nineteenth floor. Mrs. Zarves is the teacher of the nineteenth story. There is no Mrs. Zarves. The kids have many adventures in the thirty chapter book. It is a cool book!

Nehemiah, 5th grade

by: Mordecai

I liked Stuart Little because he got to go down the drain! It was really cool because he was looking for Mrs. Little's ring!

I also liked Little House in the Big Woods. I liked it because Pa got to hunt for bears and other animals!

Mordecai, 3rd grade

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tax-free weekend

(this post was written by Nehemiah)

A few weeks ago my Dad, Mordecai, and me went to buy new clothes and school supplies. First, we went to Target to look for jeans. We were surprised at how many different varieties there were. Like carpenter wear, normal wear, loose wear, and more than I cannot even think of.

My Dad told me about this comedian that was chunky that once said, "I was twenty-one before I knew that 'Husky' wasn't a name brand"!

At this Target we only found jeans that fit Mordecai, so we went to another Target. There we found jeans for Mordecai and me. We both got two pairs of jeans. Then we found itty bitty jeans for Barnabas. When we were walking through the "Boy's clothes" section, we saw polo shirts that were on sale. So we picked two kinds for all three of us . One was red and black with white stripes. And, the other was blue with white stripes.

After we paid for everything and got in our truck, my Dad told us that it was Tax-Free weekend. Mordecai asked, "What is tax?" So my Dad told Mordecai what tax is. Then we went to Office Depot to get school supplies. We got five composition books, glue, map pencils, pencils, highlighters, index cards, 6 one subject notebooks, pink erasers, and college ruled notebook paper all for only $6.50 and no tax!

Before we went home I treated us out to The Varsity! We got three chili dogs, drinks, and the orange smoothies. And, I paid for it all! We came home full. Above is a picture I took of the school supplies.