Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Books, Books, and more Books!

For our summertime reading, we have been keeping a log of the books we read. Nehemiah and Mordecai's lists have been growing quickly! They both love to read and are fast! It's been great to keep a log, for many reasons. They think it will be fun to look back on in a few years, and even when they have their own children! I agree!

So, today I gave Nehemiah and Mordecai the assignment to go over their lists of books and write down which books were their favorite so far and why. Then, I told them we could post their "reviews" on this blog. So, here you go! I hope to have them do this several times this summer!

This is Nehemiah's first post ever!

Since May I have been keeping a list of books I have read. I am going to write my three favorite books and tell a little about them.

My first favorite is: The Tombs of Anak, by Frank Peretti. When Jay and Lila Cooper enter the Tombs of Anak with their archaeologist father, they hope to find a coworker who has disappeared. Instead they stumble in to new mysteries. There is a villain named Ha-Raphah. They know they can't avoid this villain - whatever he is. The Coopers face lots of mysteries they have to unravel. This is a good book!

My second favorite book is: The Neverending Story, by Michael Ende. This book is about a boy named Bastian that gets a book and reads it in an attic. When he reads it he discovers that in this world called Fantastica, there is a "nothing" eating up anything it can.. When you look into the "nothing" it is not a hole it is nothing. The childlike empress is sick so she sends a boy to find a cure for her. He has lots and lots of adventures. Bastian the boy reading the book, discovers he gets to be in the book and help to find a cure for the empress. This is a good book!

My third favorite book is: The House on the Cliff. This is a Hardy Boys book. The Hardy's discover many adventures. This was my favorite Hardy Boys book that I have read.

Nehemiah, almost 10 :0)

This is Mordecai's first post ever!

I have read 13 books so far this summer. My favorite books were Charlotte's Web and The Horse that Played Centerfield.

I liked The Horse that Played Centerfield because it was very exciting. This was my Dad's favorite book growing up, too. I read his copy.

I liked Charlotte's Web because the animals can talk.

Mordecai, 8 years old :0)


Erin said...

Great reviews! What a good idea, too! Keep on reading, boys!!

Lauren said...

Boys, you did a great job writing the reviews on the books! Nehemiah, do you think I would like the Frank Peretti book you read? Your review made it sound very interesting, I might try to read it this summer. Mordecai, Charlotte's Web is one of my all time favorite books- I have read it several times and enjoy it each time I read it. Keep us posted on your continued reading. :)

Turtlesmom said...

Nehemiah- I remember you told me about The Neverending Story. It sounds good.

Mordecai- I like Charlotte's Web too. My favorite character is Wilbur.

from Rebekah

Marcy said...

Ooh, I think these book reviews are a great idea! Those are very well-written reviews! I have seen the movie the Neverending Story, but I was just thinking that maybe I read the book too at some point in time. But, I can't remember. It is a good story. I felt very stressed out through most of it, I think. I LOVE Charlotte's Web too. I really like the rat (but I can't remember his name). I think he's funny!