Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Genie of Genies- Chapter 1

Nehemiah is writing a book and wanted to share some of it here. Below is the first chapter. Leave a comment and let him know what you think!

Chapter one-

The rain is pouring in a dark valley. At least it was for the boy on Cherry Lane. This boys name was Koa Buckley Maine. Weird. That’s what your thinking. Well you’re just like Koa. He thought that any other name was better than Koa. So Koa prefers being called Buckley or Buck for short(so we will call him that). Buck was tall and skinny, had freckles on his face. He didn’t have many friends and was lonely.

Today was actually warm and bright in Elko, Nevada. But Buck did not care because he was always inside. What he did inside is what you are doing right now. Reading. Buck did not want to go outside and play ball with friends. He couldn’t because he had no friends. Now my dad would say “Then go and make friends!”

But Buck did not have a father like mine. His father was always away on business trips. But he still had a mother that loved him.

Today for some reason Buck was unusually tired. So sometimes he would nod off into sleep as he read. Then a disturbing noise filled the air. The noise was coming from his bedroom. Buck put his book down and walked quietly to his bedroom. What was the noise? He walked into his room and discovered the 'thing' that was making the noise. It was... the telephone. Boy was he relieved that it was that. Buck answered the phone and was surprised that the person on the other line was his father.

“Is mom home?” Said Bucks father.

“No she is at that club she goes to.” Said Buck.
Bucks father said something off the line.

“What did you say, Dad?”

“Nothing. Any way tell your mom to call me tonight.”

Beep! Bucks father had hung up.

Did Bucks father love his own son? Did he even care? It was just Buck's mom and he. They were all alone in the world. So now Buck sat down in his chair and started to read. But he didn’t read very long until the phone rang again. Buck answered.

“Go get your mother.”

“Hello… Hello?” Said Buck
The Caller had hung up.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Handwriting Tip: b and d

I read this tip in a newsletter recently and thought it was so smart!

Make Your Bed

Letter reversals are common for children who are learning to write. The worst culprits are b and d. To help my children remember the difference between these two, I write the word bed on a three-by-five card and explain that bed begins with b and ends with d. I try to make the word look like a bed with a small diamond over the circle of the b as the pillow and a bedspread sketched in lightly.

To help with reversals while practicing reading, I teach each child to "make your bed." Circle your fingers as though you are pretending to look through binoculars. Then raise the pointer finger on each hand. Your left hand forms a b, your right, a d. The three-by-five card containing the word bed has reinforced the first letter. When reading aloud, if your child is stumbling over b or d, a simple reminder to "make your bed" usually clears up any confusion.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

School Attendance

Gwinnett County requires home schooling families to turn in monthly attendance records, and by the end of your year all your days must add up to 180. It doesn't matter if you have a 10 or 12 month school year, as long as you satisfy the 180 days.

Yesterday I turned in our October attendance, and so far we have completed 56 days this school year! Yay! I must say that I assumed we wouldn't get much done in October, with a new addition to our home. But, Chris stepped right in and kept us on track! He has been amazing! It's been great for us all. So, Chris, if you're reading this.......Thank you, hunny!