Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chapter 3- Genie of Genies

Chapter 3

“I thought I told you not to come to the Soda Fountain! Especially at my girlfriend’s party.” said Brad.

“Yeah, your dead meat…hamburger!” One of Brad's gang members said.

Hamburger. That made Buck's stomach turn. Then the gang jumped on him. Buck dropped to the floor and crawled into the shop's kitchen. The cooks just stared at him. Then a familiar voice cried out, “Buck, come to the back door and you can escape!”

The voice had come from Madeline Hoover! Buck ran to the door and thanked Madeline. When he rushed out the door, the gang came into the kitchen.

Buck knew that he wasn’t safe yet so he kept running. One thing that Buck was afraid of was that Brad was the fastest runner in Elko Middle-School. But before Buck could get away, Brad and the rest of the gang came out the door, not far away.

All Buck’s life he had been running, either from his dad or other kids his age.

They were gaining up on him now. They screamed and cursed at Buck while they ran. Chaos, Chaos, Chaos…


Turtlesmom said...

These chapters are good! I want to hear more. It is interesting.


N.T.Jordan said...

Thank You Ashley!

Chris Jordan said...

Is Buck good at fighting?