Monday, December 1, 2008

Genie of Genies- Chapter 2

Chapter two-

Koa Buck was mystified. Who would call his home and not say what his/her name was? Maybe his Dad was playing a joke on him, but over the years Buck had not known his dad to be humorous.

Brad Gueffer. Maybe it was that kid. The 9th grade bully had made many prank calls to the seventh grade kids like Buck all the time. Maybe. Anyway it was still mysterious.

Well, Buck was just going to read a litt-. Oh wait! Buck had been invited to Madeline Westwood's (the cutest girl in school) party. And it was going to start in thirty minutes!

Oh! He was going to be late this time! Buck raced up the stairs to take a shower and change clothes. Killing time was his top priority, but he still needed to be clean. So he washed his hair and hopped out of the shower. Buck quickly dried himself and got his clothes on. He ran to his moped. He jigged the engine and rode off. Buck had been given this mini-motorcycle on his tenth birthday. He had been riding it ever since.

When he got to the Soda Fountain, where the party was, there were many people there. Buck stopped and parked. He walked in and sat down at the only empty stool.

From what he had heard, this old Soda Fountain was founded by a man that had wanted the youth to have a 'hang out'. Well, the founder's dream had come true. Lots of people were gathered in this place like Tommy Carter, Daniel Robinson, and Jenny Sonya. Buck scanned the area for Madeline… and Brad Gueffer. She was no where in sight.

Then the door swung open and a familiar voice cried out, “Buck Maine, you better run because I’m comin’ for you! And you won't like it!”

Buck turned around and his heart dropped. Brad Gueffer was standing at the door with the rest of the Tiger gang. There was no escape from the gruesome Tiger gang. The match was so uneven, like a 'giant against a boy'. This would be a long night.

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Chris Jordan said...

Suspense! I like it!